Power of Attorney (one signature) £25
Power of Attorney (two signatures or more) £48
Certification, True Copy of an Original Document £25

Preliminary TRNC Identity Card Application

Within the time frame defined by the relevant Law

applicants who have turned the age of 11 and apply within one week £6
applications between 7 days and 6 months £22
applciations from 6 months onwards £30

Identity Card Renewal

First time £30
Second Time £40
Third Time £68

Errors on identity cards that have been requested to be corrected

(excluding errors originated from the relevant Office) £14

Lost Identity Card

First time £51
Second time £68
Third time £95
Fourth time and latter loses £120

Other Fees

Identity Card Receipt Fee £11
TRNC Birth Certificate Registry £3
Death Registry £3


PASAPORT(Diplomatik dahil)(32 Sayfa)..(5 yıl geçerli) £80


New Passport £80
Lost/ruined Passport £159
Passport Receipt Fee £18
Laissez-Passer (Travel Document) £10
Republic of Turkey Document £25
TRNC Citizenship through Marriage £191
Vize-Visas £ 40
Single Status Certificate (for applications made for Marriage) £ 25
Criminal Record £25